Thing #23


  1. I have really enjoyed this staff development! My favorite discoveries were delicious, rss reads, nings, okay all of it! I had no idea making a podcast was so easy! I have worked with photostory and didn’t know that was all you needed to create a vidcast!
  2. This program has taught me how to establish a school wiki and the usefulness in collaboration among teachers. I am still learning which medium are better for which purpose I am needing. I am going to continue to experiment with the different sites also to see which one fits my needs better. I set up my blog in wordpress because there is an app for the itouch- but it seems blogspot would have been easier.
  3.  I did not think it would be so easy to navigate through the course! The pacing was perfect and I enjoyed having immediate feedback from others who were in the course with me. I loved having the chance to experiment with all the web 2.0 tools and having the blog to mentor my learning!
  4.  I think the program’s format is perfect! Being able to advance at my own pace has really sold me on this!
  5. I will definitely be taking Library to play 2! I think this blog could also be useful for teaching other teachers about the web 2.0 tools. The discovery assignment is already there! I can see having teachers all log onto the blog and having them walk through each “thing” together!
  6.  23 Things and Beyond!!!



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Thing #22

1kSiKoo35AAEBGWKcVNBGDQ====.mediumSocial networking in the classroom and beyond is definitely valuable.  Students want and need to collaborate and communicate on a global scale.  The iternet has made the world a classroom and has brought with it many challenges for teachers and education. The old way of teachers dispensing all the information and students passively absorbing it are gone. Teachers and students actively engage in the learning process and both benefit from the process.

Proper social etiquette is now an area that has to be addressed by schools. Students have to be taught about what is appropriate and not appropriate on the internet. They want to use the technology so the incentive for them to act appropriately is high. This is an incentive that teachers have to use to our advantage.

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Thing #21

1kSiKoo35AAEBGWKcVNBGDQ====.mediumI created a family photostory. I used background music and recorded narration over the music. I have used photostory before but have not added the narration. I love it! I can see the implications for the students in creating book reports/ personal timelines/ portfolios of their own work-art/writings, etc. It is user friendly and walks you through the steps. I had difficulty posting my photostory to wordpress so I had to upload it to Youtube and then embed it.

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TeacherTube Videos – The iSchool Initiative

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Thing #20

I am trying to create a classroom described in this video-well one that is similar with limited funds. With our Power to Learn grant, we are acquiring itouch devices, mac books and flip cameras. I wanted to have a room where the students could freely collaborate and where we could experiment with technology and using it to teach others.  This was a good video because it reinforced the idea of the 21st classroom. Students have to be free to move around and interface with each other as well as the technology. The role of the teacher is facilitator. I have learned that fifth graders can troubleshoot quite nicely!

We are hoping to create an iclassroom with the grant. Having the students use the device regularly and seamlessly in daily routines as well as mentoring younger students with appropriate applications.

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Thing #19

Library Thing– This tool is all about books! I like the fact that students can sort and categorize themselves based upon the types of books they read! The fact that there is a visual representation of the book is motivating also. The tool connects to blogs by authors which makes the reading experience more personal. You have more than a face to put with the author. The simple posting of your own book collection is advertising for the authors! I have noticed more people conversing about books than in the past. This can only be a good thing!

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Thing #18

1kSiKoo35AAEBGWKcVNBGDQ====.mediumGoogle Docs

I have had experience using Google Docs this past year. We used it to develop our grant proposal for the Power To Learn. I found it easy to navigate through and I liked the fact that others could work on the same document.  This feature saved us a lot of time.  Another feature which is useful is the fact that it alerts you to others working on the same document. This allowed me to work  simulatneously with my fellow teachers. It also have an offline feature which is convenient when internet access is not available. The disadvantage to Google Docs is that it is “another place” to have to check. You have to create an account and in order for others to collaborate with you, they too have to have an account.

I primarily use Microsoft office- but it is limited to the computer you saved it to. It also does not allow for collaborative work online.

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Thing #17


I have to admit, I have been limited to using Google as a Search engine for my students.  I just thought sifting through websites that may or may not relate to their topic was part of the process! However this was time consuming and often left the student’s feeling frustrated! This tool will be invaluable. I can also see the usefulness of having older students create Rollyo searches for younger students depending upon topics of study. This would allow the older students to synthesize and apply their learning which would take them to new heights!

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Thing #16

1kSiKoo35AAEBGWKcVNBGDQ====.mediumI will use wikis with the teachers for online collaboration as well as with the students. I like the way wikis are formatted so that it simulates a web page. It is user friendly and allows you to assign rights to individuals.  Through the use of pbworks wiki, I have also learned about Voki.  I have set up a school wiki which we are keeping private- but it should be useful for keeping teachers involved and in the loop. We can share useful websites and blogs without having to send links through email which sometimes gets “lost”.

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Thing #15


In the future, I think public libraries will be a crossover between Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles, and the public library. I can not remember the last time I went to the public library but I frequent Barnes and Noble regularly. I think public library cards will also serve as internet access cards and consumers without the means for their own technological devices will sign up.

As far as school libraries, I see them transforming into media workstations. The computer labs will dissolve because technology is not an isolated curriculum. It is immersed in daily learning and functioning. Libraries are still essential because students need to collaborate in person as well as online. However, libraries will no longer be quiet! Communciation will be the driving force- via texting, email, blogging, and talking!

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